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Are you organizing an event or a kids party and looking for the best attraction? Face painting is always a great success!
From sparkly princesses and scary tigers to rainbow unicorns.. 
Everything is possible!
Hanita works together with professional face painters in the Amsterdam - Utrecht area. We are also prepared to do face painting at large events and festivals. 
Please take a look at our references.
Schminker inhuren Amsterdam Utrecht
tropical flamingo face paint
papagaai schminken Amsterdam
Poes schminken
Stoere vis schminken
galaxy facepaint
sea princess face painting
dolphin rainbow facepaint 1
sweet tiger face paint
Stoere piraat schminken
Nemo clownfish schminken
Schip schminken
white tiger facepaint design
haai schminken
butterfly facepaint
peacock design
vlinder schminken Amsterdam
unicorn schminken
Schminker inhuren Amsterdam Utrecht
Lieve poesje schminken
zeepaard schminken
spiderman schmink Amsterdam
Stoere piraat schminken
Schip eye design
Elfje schminken in Utrecht
Stoere draak schmink
Tijger schmink
Schminken halve skull
Fairy princess face painting
One face artist is able to paint around 7 children per hour with full face-designs, or up to 10 children per hour with eye-designs.
We use only certificated, hypoallergenic products and materials.  
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